Back to School means Head Lice may be back too!

13 February 2019

To help our local community with this very common problem, especially at this busy time of back to school, we thought that it would be a good idea to look at some of the Myths around Head Lice and see if we can help to educate you about them.  Demystifying head lice makes the condition easier to seek help for and easier to treat.

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Nyda Head Lice TreatmentMyth #1: Head lice jump from one head to another.

Fact: Head lice are wingless and cannot fly or jump.  Head-to-head contact for at least 30 seconds is the only way they spread.

Myth #2: The dirtier the hair means more susceptibility to head lice.

Fact: They live in any hair they can cling to, regardless of cleanliness.

Myth #3: Short hair keeps lice away.

Fact: Lice live close to the scalp.  They like the warmth.  So no matter how long the hair, they still get down to the roots.

Myth #4: Pets carry head lice.

Fact: This is simply untrue, because lice are human parasites they only survive off human blood. Yuck!

Myth #5: Only children can catch them.

Fact: Head lice can be caught by anyone. 

Myth #6: Keeping an infested head under water will kill nits (eggs) or full-grown lice.

Fact: At no stage, can any form of the parasite simply be washed away or drowned.  The truth is, they can survive underwater for up to two hours.

Myth #7: Itching is the first sign of lice.

Fact: About one in three people show signs of an itchy scalp.  So lice could be living in anyone's hair roots.

Myth #8: Head lice breed in furniture, carpets and beds.

Fact: Lice cannot live off the human scalp for more than 48 hours.  It is unnecessary to wash sofa coverings, sheets, etc.  The only item that needs to be washed, upon actual diagnosis, is the carrier's pillowcase.

Myth #9: Shaving all hair off is the only way to get rid of lice.

Fact: Lice thrive off hair as short as 3mm.  Even when the hair grows back, without proper treatment, they can still survive.

Creswick Pharmacy offers a selection of proven treatments to eradicate head lice, including Nyda an all natural, oil-based product that is the gentlest to the skin, whilst still being effective.  Come on in and speak with one of our pharmacists today, and get onto this common problem early!

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