Arthritis playing up in the cold?

9 August 2019

Arthritis medicationsArthritis is the inflammation in one or more joints, which leads to pain and stiffness, it can worsen with age.

It is important to see your doctor to get a diagnosis as there are various forms of arthritis and the treatments vary depending on the type you have.

Arthritis is incurable, however symptoms can be managed to give suffers a better quality of life, less pain and more mobility.  There are several over the counter medications that can help people who are suffering, these include:

  • glucosamine and chondroitin - by slowly building up the joints this product gradually reduces symptoms.  Many people don't immediately notice that they feel better, but if they take it for 3 months and then go off it - they notice!
  • fish oil - taken in the right dose, fish oil can help to alleviate symptoms of arthritis as well as being of benefit to the rest of the body in innumerable ways
  • ginger - not just for travel sickness, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and is great to be used in conjunction with other products
  • tumeric - another natural anti-inflammatory, great to add to cooking, but also excellent in the right dose to ensure efficiacy.

Arthritis cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be managed to give a much better quality of life, less pain and more mobility.  The products listed above help with osteoarthritis, but may not be that helpful with rheumatoid arthritis - which is why a diagnosis from your doctor is so important.

Another tip for reducing your symptoms of arthritis is to remove consumption of the nightshade family of fruits and vegetables - things like tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplants.

Also we advise moving more, get out there and use those joints to keep them mobile - obviously not if they are causing you pain, in which case you should see your doctor.

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