COVID-19 continues as we reenter Stage 3 restrictions

4 August 2020

We just wanted to take this time and opportunity to thank our valued customers and wider Creswick and Clunes communities in working with us during the COVID-19 restrictions and procedures we have had to introduce to the pharmacies (and post office at Clunes!) to keep us all safe in these uncertain times.

Although sometimes inconvenient, we thank each and every person for:

  1. Waiting upon entering the pharmacy for a staff member to take your temperature and sanitise your hands
  2. Wearing a face mask whilst visiting the pharmacy and post office
  3. Keeping 1.5m apart from all other people at all times
  4. Remaining behind the black lines in front of the counters
  5. Not leaning on the counters
  6. Ensuring no more than 6 customers at any one time
  7. Using tap and go payments wherever possible
  8. Being patient as it is harder to hear now that we all wear masks!

We will get through this together, if everyone continues to adhere to the new requirements.  This is the new normal, and we at Creswick and Clunes Pharmacies are here to make sure we do everything we can to keep our community safe.

Staying Apart Keeps Us Together.

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